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Isabelle Laak
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Isabelle Laak
Formateurs: Daniel Meurois et Marie-Johanne Croteau

Isabelle Laak discovered Daniel Meurois’s books in the early 1980’s when she was still studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Geography in France. While travelling around the world, Isabelle had always one of his books in her suitcase. For her, each of his books is a deep transformation and rediscovery of her own identity in many ways. In 2014 Isabelle joined the three years training program of the Essenian and Egyptian therapies developed and taught by Daniel Meurois and his wife Marie Johanne Croteau in Quebec.

As a professional massage therapist since 2001, their teaching suited her perfectly. Soon the urge to share their book, The Great Book of Essenian and Egyptian therapies to the English world gave birth to Sacred World Publishing.

Certified in the Essenian and Egyptian Therapies transmitted by Daniel Meurois and Marie-Johanne Croteau-Meurois since 2017, she is offering healing sessions and now training in these therapies in USA since an article “Ancient Energy Techniques, Essenian and Egyptian Healing Therapies” in Massage & Bodywork Magazine Mar-Apr 2019 issue was publishing rising a vivid enthusiasm for therapists to reconnect to the Essenian-Egyptian Tradition.

In accordance with the Code of Ethics of the ITTEE association, I am aware that my practice can in no way replace any medical or para-medical practice.

I do not diagnose health problems, and I inform and encourage my clients to seek medical attention for acute or chronic illnesses, in parallel with the treatments I offer.

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